The Obligatory Introductions

Just before Midsummer in 2015, 24 people got an email, telling them that they had been accepted into Viable Paradise XIX. During that journey, three of them would discover their collective desire to podcast and talk about writing. Mad Writers Union is their effort to make sense of the craft and business of writing.

Tim Boerger

Tim Boerger grew up in Flyover Land, USA spending his formative years looking up to the stars, wondering if we really are made up of star stuff. He’s currently employed at an mechanical engineering firm working in business development. In his former careers, he has been a busboy/dishwasher, assembly line drone, IT worker, a company coordination member, a children’s theater actor, and a guy who measures things in an inspection lab.

Tim has a family with two young children. The kids tend to monopolize most of his time, like children have done since time immemorial. In his spare time, he writes mainly science fiction stories, plays video games he bought cheap during the massive Steam sales, and plays recreational hockey. He can be found online at or tweeting general snarkiness at @timboerger.


Nina Niskanen

Nina Niskanen is a software engineer, writer and blogger from the beautiful Helsinki, Finland. She lives with her partner, a giant ridiculous dog and a collection of books, movies and video games to challenge a small library. And enough wool to open a tiny yarn shop.

Nina is way too excitable about science, space exploration, Disney, and mythology. Consequently, she likes to write science fiction and fantasy in which women do awesome things, often in space or Finland. Nina’s online evil lair of glitter is at


Jay Wolf

Jay Wolf is a sculptor, fabricator, author and illustrator working in the 6th borough of NYC. She is the technician for a Manhattan art material shop. A significant portion of her day involves educating the general public on the uses of hazardous chemicals and sharp implements.

Jay is a submissions editor at Uncanny Magazine (as Jessica Wolf). At present, she is not actually a space pirate, but she spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about what it might be like. And thanks to Viable Paradise, she no longer feels quite as weird about the compulsive drive to write all that space pirate stuff down on paper. Online she can be found at