Episode 2.5: Oxygen Deprivation

On this very special episode of Mad Writers Union, the Mad Writers finally get serious. They delve deep into their psyches and come through on the other side as changed writers. Follow along on their journey to where no man, woman or non-binary person has ever been before. Welcome to the Mad Writers Union. Please support […]

Episode 2.2: Viable Paradise

Viable Paradise, without hyperbole, changed the lives of all the Mad Writers. 16 months ago our intrepid hosts arrived on Martha’s Vineyard and together with 21 other hopefuls went through a grueling week. In this episode, they go through their journey to the island as well as some of the things that have them thinking about […]

Episode 2.1: 2017 Goals

It’s 2017! All the Mad Writers survived 2016 which at times seemed somewhat unlikely! They are now hesitantly ready to tackle not only the second season of the podcast but also a number of writing goals. Tune in to our Mad Writers planning novel drafts, workshop applications and querying, they do it all! Or at […]

Episode 1.21: Characterization

Characterization, meaning presenting character through non-verbal means. This shows up in the way they choose their words, the way they dress, the way they hold themselves and all kinds of other details. The Mad Writers get flummoxed but then manage to rally and figure out several things about creating characters through showing and not telling. […]