Back in January we announced our goals to the world. None of us would have any kind of idea of just how much things would shift during transit. And so, having reached the halfway point of the year, we thought we would have a look at how the work on our goals is progressing and just how much has changed.

As with the original goal setting, we’ve had varying levels of success with our goals thus far and things have happened that we never expected to happen this, including moving house, quitting jobs, hospitalization of a loved one as well as editorial interest in projects that didn’t even exist at the start of the year. Jay went back to see what they all said they’d do this year and is now holding some feet to the fire.

Recommended reading

Tim’s recommendation: The Collected Stories (FSG Classics) by Grace Paley

Jay’s recommendation: The Escapement of Blackledge: a novella by Mary Robinette Kowal

Nina’s recommendation: All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

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